Checking IN new here

New here, the site seems like there is allot going on for a newb lol,
I am only here to learn a lil more about ball python snakes, So i can buy one…

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Welcome to the community, you have definitely come to the right place! There’s so many knowledgable members on here that can definitely help you learn more and answer any questions!

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Welcome to the community! You can definitely learn everything you need to know about ball pythons here!

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I know what color of ball i yellow and the ones that have like a shawdow grey to them
I really like this snake,

and i was trying to find some similar to this female baby…

Here is another one i like

Basically i like colors like these 2 i found online…
plus maybe in the future start breeding.
I have been breeding crested gecko for over 1yr now, all my lil geckos come out chocolate colors

If you’re planning on breeding in the future, definitely think about future projects and what you want to work on before starting to buy


Bananas have always been a fav of mine! I have a Banana called Hideyoshi :blush:
But if looking at breeding defo think of what you want to produce, so if you want a Banana, then think of what you want to pair too him/her! Banana clowns? Banana leopards? Super Bananas? See what catches your eye! :star_struck:

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I have been going threw the market on here, And still banana is what I like.
I will be making another post here within the next 1hr or so, I will need some help from you experts out there…