Checking references on buyers

I would like to know if there is a topic to report and/or check on BUYERS??? I just had a buyer that was anxious for me to ship a gecko asap for bottom dollar and gave me a Carolinas zip code but yet when I look at his name on our messages he is in New York - can you spell S-C-A-M???


Hi @eyeofthegecko, sorry for the delayed response, this was overlooked.

You CAN leave a rating for buyers – it’s a two way rating system. However, like with sellers you can’t leave a rating unless a transaction was made.

Publicly posting any comments that any sellers want to leave about a buyer would not go well. Buyers can leave comment about sellers but they are not public. We do allow public comments with the rating system but it’s gated by an actual transaction.

I plan to add more analytics on buyers though to give sellers an idea of how much business they’ve done and build confidence, and also want to add a “block” button. Getting blocked a lot will be a bad sign.