Chevron crested geckos?

Anyone have a good chevron gecko I’ve only seen one real chevron I’d love to see a good picture of one

I don’t have any Chevron flame Cresties. Would also like to see a pic!

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You see them pop up occasionally. Since it’s the back patterning, harleys also have it.
I have sold some myself with it, unfortunately no pics now.
The thing is a lot of people don’t list that trait. Infact I see a lot with the chevron trait not listed as having it.

I used to have this Crestie but I sold him so I can’t confirm if he was a Chevron or not, no more pics either.

And I have this guy which might produce some as I believe his dad was a Chevron but I haven’t bred him yet so I don’t know


If his doesn’t, he is a pretty gecko for sure!


Thanks, his such a cool gecko :lizard:

My second ever Crestie

I love those really dark ones!! He’s awesome!

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Thanks, dark base Cresties are my favourite :grin:

Love a dark Crestie, love a light Crestie. Don’t think there’s a colour I’m not keen on :joy:
I’m drawn to light ones one minute. Then to the dark side the next!

Mix them together I say!! :heart_eyes:

Basically Tricolous are the fav. Best of both worlds :hugs:


I agree, I love all sorts of Cresties. I love that they all look different :grin:

Anyway back to Chevron Cresties, anyone got any pics?

I wish I blooming did. I wait a couple months after any sell then delete the pics l (I keep them incase anyone wants baby pics).
But lots online if op looks! :blush:

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I need to add it to the list of morphs/traits so a pic would be good :grin: I keep all pics, even terrible pics :grimacing: I need to delete some lol

I have three chevrons I think, 2 that I have produced myself.


They’re not chevrons, although close!
Chevrons markings have to go down in the V shape to be a chevron x


I dunno, the second one looks v shape to me!

Welcome to the community, your Cresties look awesome.

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Too rounded, they need to be an actual V.
It’s also mainly a ‘flame’ thing. Probably why you can’t find them much, also just get listed as flames and I mean when are most of them true flames also? :woman_facepalming:t2:
Though can be found on a Harley also :blush:

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True it does look curvy as opposed to pointy, fair enough. Still a nice looking gecko :grin:

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Yeah I wasn’t sure so thanks for clearing that up!

Thanks for the welcome!

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Anyone found any more chevrons