Children's python vs ball python

what do u think is a better pet, Childrens python or a ball python?

  • Children’s Python
  • Ball Python

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I have some Children’s Pythons and I find them much easier to care for than BPs. They don’t require elevated humidity and are not finicky about feeding. So far they have eaten everything I’ve given them and always take f/t.


I had a spotted as my first. Very similar species if not the same, lol. My vote is for the Children’s. The only bummer is that they are pretty breakable at a young age so they’re not the safest to let kids play with. Ball python definitely fares better in that respect. But the care is all over much easier with the childrens and spotted and stimsons which makes it a better overall starter in my opinion and hardier in the long run. But it really comes down to what you want in my opinion.
A picky pet rock with the constitution of a piece of paper, but a face so cute it gives some puppies a run for their money, that will also sit with you while you watch tv.
Or an absolute unit of a python that will tolerate just about any half decent environment no sweat, with an individual personality and a drive to express it at every turn, all in a pint sized package that gets lazier with age.
Depending on your preferences, the downsides might not outweigh the benefits. I’m personally fond of both.


I added a poll :wink:


ok thanks I really don’t know which one I am going to get


I’d say get both then! :joy: Seriously hard decision, if you want something a little different go children’s, everyone(including me) has ball pythons.


ya, I like that not everyone has children pythons.