Chinese Kings/Stinking Goddess morph Q's

Hi folks, I’m hoping someone can shed some light on American breeders of Elaphe Carinata and especially its’ morphs.

I’ve been keeping reptiles since I was a young kid and have evolved into a keeper that does enjoy the morph craze, but still have a passion for the days when wild caught types were the norm at shows and people tended to keep a variety of just about everything.

As a kid, I didn’t know much of Chinese King Rats, aside from hearing the moniker “Stinking Goddess” on occasion. The name alone was apparently sufficient to keep any interest from developing.

So, fast forward 25 years and I am slowly unraveling the epic beauty and apparently oft-undeserved moniker of the Chinese King rat snake. My digging so far has revealed albinism, scaleless, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a REAL treat; Axanthic/Anerythristic!

Problem is, American availability seems limited to albinos! Is there anyone out there aware of any North American breeders of any of the rest of the morphs?

Any insight would be truly appreciated!

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I do know a friend of a friend who breeds them. I can hit him up for you if you’d like

I looked it up on google and it didnt really show me an axanthic pic but I came across something that said the stinking name refers to them having more developed anal glands than other snakes and that when handled they tend to release their power full force. It reminds me of how a skunk’s stinky spray anal glands are found in many other animals as a scent marking gland (I even read that humans have them too) and that skunks just put a few more mojo points into their development so it could serve a secondary function as a defence mechanism. I also read that this snake might end up being more closely related to Lampropeltis than other Elaphe. I hope to find a pic of an Axanthic/Anery one like you said.


As your enjoying anal glands so much right now… Do you know where vanilla flavouring comes from? :joy:


Wish I could credit this photo to it’s owner, but I don’t know whose it is.


Wow thats a nice snake :blush: