Chocolate Clown or Just a Clown… ID Input requested

Hey Y’all! I would like to receive some input on this guy.
Produced from Chocolate DG het clown ph hypo x Pastel Het Clown. Only visual clown in the clutch and the first visual clown we’ve hatched from the male, so unfortunately no other clowns from him to compare.

What do y’all see?



Clown and Choco clowns in particular seem to have a huge variety of expression (to my eye). If you told me that was a choco clown I wouldn’t disagree but without another clown in the clutch to compare against it might be a case of having to prove it out. I have a handful of “choco” clowns that I am waiting to prove out this year, same sort of thing. They looked more than clown but then you go look at a Kinova choco clown and its like “my animal looks like dog poop compared to that”. I am interested to see what others say about yours. Beautiful animal though! I would get it setup to pair with a SN clown het DG and shoot for DG Dark Knights.


Well no matter what he is, he is a looker! I love the dark stripe! :snake::blush:

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So I was searching for a definitive answer on the ingredients for “dark knight” and stumbled on a 2018 JKR video that mentioned chocolate clown having what he calls “tear drops”. Apparently this refers to the vertical dark pattern between the alien heads. In chocolate clowns apparently it’s more likely to go all the way to the belly and then widen out with a white center.


I appreciate the input y’all! We have been paring the same sire to a few visual clown females so hopefully, we get some other examples from him to compare to. One of which is a Disco SN Pastel Clown so we have the same idea TheMorphRanch!