Chocolate Morph & Projects!

So I’m working with a few chocolate projects! I love the way chocolate looks with the dark colors in them. Anyone else working with any chocolate projects!? I think people sleep on the chocolate morph and what they can produce with the right genes! :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:


I agree with you 100%. I think chocolate as well as black head are two extremely under rated morphs. I currently do not own either, but I’m hoping to change my lack of black head tomorrow lol. The super chocolates alone are so nice looking. Really surprises me you don’t see more of them available.


I work with sable and chocolate which are on the same allele and can make als. Super chocolate ghost combos and super chocolate pins are phenomenal imo. The one you are holding with the blue glove is super nice! Good work!


Looking to breed my Chocolate Butter Ghost in a year or two. Still gotta find her the perfect boy!