Chonky Sand Boy

You ever look at one of your snakes and wonder “How did you suddenly get so big?” Well we did with our Paradox boy Hephestus. Just came off a 2 month fast (unknown why) and suddenly he’s packed on the grams. He’s 132 grams to be exact. Is he really a chonk or is he just good and healthy? Wishing he was an adult female instead of this handsome boy.


He looks healthy. How often are you feeding him?

Excellent example of a paradox albino, BTW.


I feed him once a week two F/T pinky rats. We upped it from a single pinky to a double after his fasting episode and he’s rounded out quite a bit in the last month.

Also thanks! I’m looking for him a girlfriend cause I’m def interested in breeding and selling paradox. It’s a fascinating morph.


He is lovely. I would have named him Fanta.
If you ever wanted to make valentine’s Day cards you have a snake love heart right there in that picture :grin:

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To bad that love heart wasn’t what he was thinking. Hephestus is a sweetie but he’d much rather be digging

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Paradox is genetic in sand boas?

Paradox has to be bred to another paradox or Het paradox as far as I understand. How anyone got the “original” I’m not sure. Think it’s recessive and so you gotta have both parents with the genes to get more…

Paradox is not a seperate gene. The gene is paradox albino. It is a single-gene recessive trait descended from a wild-caught visual owned by VPI. There is no such thing as a non-albino paradox sand boa. The paradox gene is totally distinct from and incompatible with the other strain of (non-paradox) albinism, sometimes referred to as the Bell albino.


Thanks so much for that info. I knew it was tied into Albino but didn’t know exactly how it worked other than both parents needing the gene.