Choosing a boa

Having trouble deciding between BCL or Nic. BCI for pets/ Small breeding Project.
I love the color change the BCL has over time but the Nic. Are awesome as well.
Any suggestions or big difference (size, attitude, etc.) that you can think of ?
Any info will be greatly appreciated!

I too am considering getting back into boas and have been seriously thinking about getting a Nicaraguan because their size hardly ever exceeds 5.5 feet but I have also heard that they can be much more nippy as babies or young adult but if you put in the time to tame them down then they do great.

I just love the longtails. I have a hypo BI, and hope to own and meybe breed BCL

I currently own a pair a Nicaraguans, and they are hardly ever defensive unless you catch them in a very bad mood (has happened maybe twice). And when you do, they are more hissers than actual biters. I should also note that I almost never handle my animals and when I do, it is briefly for cleaning or weighing. I’m sure that if I put more time into handling them this behavior would disappear.

How big are yours currently? Nicaraguans have always been a sort of bucket list boa for me because it’s a boa in a smaller package

Mine are a little less than a year old and in the 90g range. For comparison, my Argentines are BORN in the 90g range.

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and mine BI is 980 @ 2 1/4 years old