Choosing which cage for each snake in a pvc stack

I am new to having snakes but somehow went from 0 to 4 in about 4 months. I have 2 ball pythons and 2 egg eating snakes. I will be moving my snakes from tubs to pvc cages in a few weeks and they will be stacked with the 2 ball pythons on the 1st level (which will be on a 18" tall base) and the 2nd level. The egg eaters will be in two separate enclosure that will be on top. I know some might say I should keep them in tubs but this is a choice I have made for them as their caretaker, so that is not the topic of this post. This might be a strange question, but how do I decide which ball python I put on the 1st level and which one on the 2nd level?

I have an adult male (confirmed) pastel phantom (unknown age) who weighs 1260g and a female (pretty sure) normal (suspect around 2-3 months old) who weighs 112g. I got the male about 2 weeks ago and the female about 6 weeks ago. The female has had time to calm down and is social and curious. The male has been handle twice and he was pretty agitated and nervous the whole time (pooped/peed all over, striking with no intention of biting it seemed), and very tense. He might just need a few weeks to calm down.

With those personalities, which cage is better suited for their needs and well-being? I have 2 hides, a water dish and lots of decor for all cages but the 1st cage will, of course, be closer to the ground and I’m not sure if this would be more stressful. I do have 2 small dogs and they are less than or right around 18" tall (that’s why I chose that stand instead of the 12" option). I will be keeping the enclosures in an area that has less foot traffic and further away from where the dogs usually are.

Sorry for the long post but more info seems to be better to get intelligent and thoughtful answers. Basically, I am asking if other people have chosen the location of each snake on a stacked cage system based on whether the snake is more social, timid, or in another way that isn’t personality based. I really appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thank you.


I haven’t really picked any specific location for my snakes based on personality, but more just by size and sex of the animal. But I’m also a breeder, rather than a pet keeper.
It’s really up to you on how you do it, I don’t think it matters too much. You can always swap their locations if you feel the more timid snake is stressing out more where they’re at.