CITES how to change it

so I want to sell an animal from my collection do I have to change the cites document because in there there is written the name of the breeder etc. and all my personal informations

Need more details.

Typically, if you are shipping a CITES species then you need your own CITES permits and paperwork

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idk if its the same here in italy but I will brig it with me in a fair that is this week end and I was asking if I need to change something of the paperwork

CITES is a big deal and you could have major problems if you don’t comply. You need to check with your own government. I cannot speak/read Italian, but maybe this will help

potential CITES info

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It depends on if you are exporting it, and if the species is cites I or II.
What species are you selling if you don’t mind my asking?

a sand boa pair