Cleaning custom DIY backgrounds

This may be a stupid question but I am planning on making a custom background for my ball python enclosure and I found some very cool ideas using foam and/or gorilla glue with substrate attached to it, however, my concern is how to clean and desinfect this type of background. Any ideas?
Thank you!


I did bioactive and let the bugs have at it. But if you do the gorilla backing stuff if it ever gets like really dirty, it comes off fairly easy so you can always redo it. But otherwise idk. :woman_shrugging: It’s a great question!


These types of backgrounds (loose substrate pressed into silicone over foam) cannot be sterilized/disinfected, only spot cleaned. If you have a bioactive setup, you would never want to sterilize or disinfect it anyways, it would undermine the whole idea.

If you use foam and drylok, with no loose substrate, then in theory, if prepared correctly, it would tolerate some light-ish cleaning.


I did a custom enclosure for my BP a couple years back - used styrofoam and modpodge and sealer for back wall. Tried to create a Roman Gladiator pit for my high pied BP

There’s a great resource out there called lizard landscapes just Google that and you’ll see some fantastic set ups on how to use Styrofoam for reptile environments

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