Cleaning Routines!

Hi everyone!

What is your cleaning routine for your ball pythons? Mostly looking for rack routines - daily, weekly, monthly, etc…

Pic of my calico Calliope, for giggles :blush:


So far with only having 10 ball pythons we spot clean each tub when there is poop or dirty substrate. Then we will do a full clean once a month.


Daily: change water, check temps.

Weekly: clean up poop, replace substrate if it’s soiled.

Monthly: full tub clean (1/10 parts bleach/water) and wipe rack down of dust. I have spare tubs for each snake that I get prepared the evening before a big clean. I just pop them in the new tub and slide them in the rack, no need to rush to get them cleaned and dry.


Daily: Spot clean, check water, check and adjust heat and humidity as needed.

Weekly: Sterlize and change water bowls.

Monthly: Sterlize tubs, change substrate, clean racks, check heat tape and wiring.