Clear, Fluid Filled Spot on Garter Snake

So, I’m getting ready to go meet up with someone tomorrow to drop my pair of garter snakes off with, since they were paid for in advance…

But just within the last day or so, one of them has developed this spot on their side:

It’s squishy and feels like it’s just a blister filled with fluid. I’m not sure what could have caused it, or what it really is.

The heat mat I use for their tub is controlled by an on/off thermostat and is set to 90°F.
I have checked to make sure the heat mat was not overheating, and it does not feel hot to the touch at all so I know it isn’t a burn injury.

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Hmm, just a curious as you are. My spotted python has something very simular looking that she has had for years. Usually I don’t notice it until she gets close to going blue at which point it becomes a lot more pernounced. In her case my guess its some sort of cyst just under the skin, does not seem to bother her at all so I have just been keeping an eye on it.

Interesting. This only showed up within the past day or so, at least I didn’t notice it until this morning. I just want to determine if it’s something that would warrant a vet visit, if so I’ve made arrangements with the lady that purchased them to give a partial refund on the pair to go towards vet bills.

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