Clicking "Calculate" links to search instead of calculator

About the bug

Summary of the issue:

Clicking on “calculate” from an animal listing links to a search as opposed to the calculator with proper inputs

Expected results:

“Calculator” button should link to the calculator with the animal’s genetics listed

Actual results:

Button links to a search instead

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

Any animal listing I’ve clicked on thus far

When did you first notice it?:

Just now

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

Clicking calculate on a listing

Is this happening on the website, app or both?:

Website, haven’t checked the app



Hmm, what device are you using?.. I’m not getting the same result.

Can you send me a link to the exact ad your seeing this happen with? Or is it all of them?

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I am using a chromebook but had the same problem on PC also yes I am in school white writing this lol Paradox Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragons for Sale - MorphMarket US & Canada I THINK this is the link


oh also It happens with all the ads I tried it with!


Interesting. I just tried this on my iOS device without any issue. When I click calculate on an add (made sure I tried new design and old design both) I get directed to the calculator page as intended.


I was using my MacBook Air, it is every ad for me.

Here’s a screen recording of what happens for me:


Did a little more playing around with the site this afternoon and made a bit of a discovery. I only have this issue with the calculator while using the new search design, it doesn’t exist with the old search in place. I’ve also managed to get the issue to show up on the mobile site and the app the same way.

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What browser are you using on mobile? And what software update is your phone on? I did it with the new search and wasn’t able to replicate it.

Editing to add it does it now for me as well. Exact same as I tried earlier. I did it with ball pythons and it worked normal, went to corn snakes and it did the issue you describe, then did it again with balls and continued the issue


The guys are looking into it, but I just want to say that you guys are brilliant!
This thread is an absolutely perfect bug report!


For a minute I thought for sure I’d messed with a setting or something, so it’s good to know this helps! I figured it’d be easier to just show what I was dealing with than try to explain with my limited tech experience. Then when I managed to replicate it, explaining was easier. Hope it’s an easy find & fix for you guys.