Clicking Community from marketplace opens up 20 tabs

About the bug

Summary of the issue: From the drop down menu on the marketplace side, clicking the community link opens up the community page in 20 separate tabs.

Expected results: It should open 1 tab.

Actual results: Opens 20 tabs

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

When did you first notice it?: Today

Steps to reproduce the problem?: Click three line menu icon, then click community

Is this happening on the website, app or both?: Website

If its happening on the app, please tell us what version number you have installed:

Additional notes:

About your device

Device brand: Samsung

Device model: Galaxy S9+

Browser name: Default browser, which is probably out of date!

Browser version:


Please add as many screenshots as possible that could help explain what you are experiencing.


It’s not doing it anymore.


We just want to make sure you don’t forget about us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But honestly, no idea what happened here :sweat_smile: I am glad its fixed though!