Closed Auction Normal 50% het pied female ball python

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Item: Normal 50% het pied female ball python

Description: Hatched 10/26/2020. She had a bit of a slow start, not wanting to eat when she was hatched. But now she’s eating like a champ. I have to watch my hand on feeding day! Easy to handle, very mellow snake. She eats once a week on live weaned rats. She does tend to get too eager and grab them on the side. So I watch her when she eats. She is possible fire. She has a ton of tracks. So I would bet she proves het pied. Any questions please ask away.

Weight (if live): 230g

Feeding on (if live): weaned rats


Who pays shipping: [donor/winner]? Winner

Any additional terms and conditions: Shipping will be as weather allows. Preferable to a Fedex hub. Shipping within the lower 48 of the US only.

Starting bid: $75

Bidding directions:

Relief Fund Donation to help assist our reptile family in need! Winner will send final bid to the posted GROUP PayPal via F&F and then post screenshot proof of the donation in comments. Once verified by an admin the poster and seller will need to contact each other for shipping details.

Overtime will start in the last 5 mins of the auction, if no bids are placed in the last 5 minutes, the donation post is over, if someone bids within the last 5 min that will start a new 5 min clock until we go 5 min with no bids.

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75 let’s get this started!


Bump to $100


enthusiastic yes please GIF by Abbey Luck

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Congratulations!! You are the winning bidder. Please submit your winning bid as a FF PayPal donation to and reply with either a screenshot of donation here or comment done. We will comment again once verified by an admin. Winner will need to touch base with the donor directly. Please screenshot your winning information as well because once the post is removed we will not be able to access it again.

Thank you


YAY! :slight_smile: So excited!

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Done, cannot figure out how to attach the screenshot though


Awesome thank you!
Have you touched base with the donor for shipping details yet?

Whichever one of you ends up making the label you can use RELIEF50 with ship your reptiles for 50% off

Thank you