Clown and price retention

It’s not a doubt when you look at everything for sale, clown is everywhere. When you look at it, it’s kinda holding steady as a base morph or two gene incomplete dominant combo. So, does any one have any opinion who have been in this hobby a long while? You think if this will continue to hold true with the way this morph is being bred?

I don’t think it’s quite “bottomed out,” but I do expect it to be like pied and always sell, always be worthwhile to invest into.

@osbornereptiles @stewart_reptiles How do you guys see it?


Pied prices have been stable for years much lower than they used to be be stable and selling and always in demand, clown will follow the same direction.

The key is (like with any mutation) to work with multigene animals and keep reinvesting in your collection to remain competitive.


Agreed, to both of you.

It’s definitely going to level more but the combos on them are still being pumped out and looking at times radically different so, I guess it has time still. Hell, pinstripe was 20k at one point haha

Yeah clown has a long ways to go before it’s “exhausted.” It’s the number one thing I’d recommend anyone to invest into then go double and triple recessives from there. But some people don’t enjoy it and for them there’s plenty else out there to ignite their passion


Recessives are always going to hold value a little more than the JG Wentworth morphs. When I got into Pieds they were 10-12k each and while they have stabilized at a very fair price, you have to continuously work toward new efforts to stay in the game.

I’ve been breeding balls since Albinos were the only proven morph. I saw spiders come out at 40k and watch Mojaves jump from a couple of grand to 30k within an hour. We’ve come a long way in the last 30 years of the hobby.


Clowns will still hold value right around where they are now. The reason I truly feel this is due to the many double recessive projects they are part of which are currently just taking off and are in high demand. Clown is always a big player in several double recessive projects- Clown Pied, Holy Grail (Clown Lavender), Clown Desert Ghost, Hypo Clown, Axanthic Clown, Freeway Clowns, and the list goes on. None possible without the bedrock Clown gene.


Amazing insight!

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