Clown clutch ID help

This is my first visual clown clutch that I’ve produced. I would love some help as to what they are. Just want to be certain as to what I think they are. Thanks for the help.

The pairing was Pastel Enchi Clown to Pastel Leopard Clown.


Nice clutch! here are my guesses:

  1. leopard enchi clown
  2. enchi clown
  3. pastel leopard clown
  4. pastel enchi clown
  5. killer enchi clown
  6. pastel enchi clown

wait. I just looked back at the pairing and it is two pastel combo clowns so they all should have been a pastel combo of some kind at the very least.


I think Nathan has the guesses spot on.

Thought just to add to this:

With this pairing their is still the chance of hitting a Enchi Leopard Clown, Enchi Clown, Leopard Clown and single gene Clown.

Make it a Super Pastel and everything will be Pastel

With recessive genes that is the case though. Two visuals will produce a clutch of visuals. As you can see, they are all clown.


Ah thanks for clearing that up. Hopefully it’s not too long from now when I can make my own leo clowns!


No problem :blush: this is why recessive projects are so expensive to buy in to, nobody wants to sell them

When you have a male and female triple visual, every single clutch will be 100% triple visual.


I agree with the above ID’s.

Smashing first clown clutch. I’m jealous. Very nice!


Thank you all so much. I’m pretty stoked about it.

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Very nice clutch! Congrats