Clown Morph ID help

Picked up this beautiful boy today from a good friend of mine. He was sold as a Clown Het Pied but the breeder wasn’t sure if anything else was going on since he was dark and busy. Finally getting him home I definitely see what he’s talking about.
What do you guys think? Just a Clown Het Pied
1.0 Yellowbelly Pied Het Clown x 0.1 DH Clown Pied 50% Het Albino (included pictures of the parents)


Wow he really does look dark and busy! I would say yellow belly makes a busier pattern, but it also brightens up the snake, especially when young so I don’t know if it’s a yellow belly, (it might be -wait for someone with more clown yb experience to chime in then me.) It can be the 100% het. Pied influence and maybe even the possible double het. Pied, albino influence. Either way it’s a great looking clown! I prefer the busier looking clowns in a single gene visual myself. The dark colors are great too, the darker colored snakes can make some interesting things. For instance that clown would look great in a coral glow or albino morph! And being het pied is awesome in itself!


Yeah I’m very excited to get him into the breeding circuit. I love dark clowns and thought he would be perfect to go into my Blackhead DG stuff and Albino Clown Pied stuff in the future. Been missing that Clown Pied piece in my collection and couldn’t be more excited.


Couldn’t tell you which morph, but wow are those colors striking!