Clown pairing

I have a lesser het clown ball python and I was wondering what you would suggest breeding to her. Any opinion is appreciated. :grinning:

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You should look around and see what lesser clown combos are out there and that you like the appearance of. What are your breeding goals/plans down the road? What genes do you need in your “collection” to get to that goal?


I just recently wrote about this here. I’ll just copy it here and change it so it’s relevant.

Look through the marketplace and look for combos that you like. The important thing is that you work towards combos that you enjoy and that will sell. I would get something to compliment the female. In that case I would get a heterozygous or homozygous lesser male. If you want to get some clown hatchlings get a het clown or clown (I would recommend ghost to avoid poss hets). I would also add in 1-3 dominant traits that you like (banana, pastel, enchi, leopard, pinstripe, spider, any other dominant trait). So for the sake of example say you really like leopard and pinstripe and you decide to get a visual clown male. Then you might get a het lesser clown leopard pinstripe male. If you really wanted to you could get a visual recessive morph in the male to get nonvisual het offspring (increase demand, value, and can produce visuals in the second generation). To find the morphs that you like and if they are dominant or recessive you can use this morph list. If you want to calculate which offspring you’re going to get from a pairing you can use this morph calculator.


I too have a clown project, and I’m pretty excited for it, We have six het for clown ball pythons, I’ll list them all out eventually, but they are all het for Clown, and exhibiting or carrying at least one other trait. We sort of took your general advice without knowing we did so, @erie-herps and made some pretty good purchase choices for our little ball colony.