Clown pied ? Id

Pairing was pastel pied het clown x Leopard dh clown pied.

Pre shed just came out , head is very different from normal pied but not sure if it’s enough for clown pied ? Thoughts ? Last photo is for comparison of a normal pied head

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The pigment is going to continue to change, we can’t really give you a solid Id until they shed out.


Fair enough I’ll check it out post shed and update

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Based on current head stamps I would say no clown.


The clown head is pretty distinctive and I don’t see it here. You’ve got a pastel pied for sure though. Maybe leopard too. Leopard makes the pattern kinda funky, so that could explain why the head looks different.


Yea agreed was trying to be optimistic lol but didn’t hit it here are post shed photos

1st one I think is leopard pastel pied

2nd regular pied or leopard pied?

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Pictures got out of whack , the 3 are the normal looking pied , the one is the leopard pastel