Clutch #1 Has some weird stuff going on

Clutch #1: Coral Glow Pied X Het Pied. Still trying to figure out why these are coming out silver and black. Not sure about the father but I produced the mother and am 95% sure she isn’t Het Axanthic. Produced a silver and black snake last year from the same father but a different mother. At a year old, that snake is still very unusual for the pairing but isn’t silver anymore.

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That bottom left one in particular is a real beauty! Will be interesting to see if it maintains (de-)coloration.

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It sure looks like both parents are Het Ax. I’ve produced clowns from an animal that I produced that shouldn’t have been het clown. But apparently somewhere down the line a parent of someone was het clown without knowing. Very lucky and nice surprise


The one on the right looked exactly like the one on the left last year but looks nothing like an Axanthic now.


Really Interesting clutch

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Yes it is, hope to prove it genetic. Have two more clutches in the incubator from the same father.


It’s very interesting! Please do let us know how the other clutches turn out =)


Yes, I will do that.

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Wow! That is a huge change! I wonder if there is a color-change morph that is yet undiscovered?

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Looking forward to seeing the “after” pic next year for this clutch to see if they change too!

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Could be like the calicos in retics, they change when they hit maturity.

That’s amazing, work the project don’t sell em ! Could be an amazing new gene

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