Clutch 3 ID help

Pairing was Pastel Spotnose lesser Pinstripe X coral glow. The spotnose is hard to ID for me in the coral glows. What do you guys think? The male was purchased as a super pastel but turns out that was wrong as I produced a normal in this clutch.


So did the male prove to be pastel coral glow or just coral glow? Because I think that he had pastel…

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CG Pastel Pin
CG Lesser Pastel Pin Spot
CG Pin
CG Lesser Pastel


The male is spotnose lesser pastel pinstripe. Was bought as a super pastel.

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Can I ask what you look for with the spotnose in these? Also, being the genetics guy, the three males here will be female makers correct?

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When combined with Pin, Spotnose tightens, squares off, and reduces the size of the lateral patterning and the pinstripes. They also have a very characteristic headstamp

Assuming the CG parent in the pairing was the female, then yes, the males in the clutch ought to be female-makes