Clutch #3 is out and waiting to shed

Clutch #3 from Barnhart line Black pastel x red stripe are all out of the egg waiting on first shed.

two surprises, first was twins, second have absolutely no idea what is going on with one of them. Working with the breeder that produced the bp to try and pin down what’s going on.

Not the greatest photos I know, I’ll get better ones when I get a day off, but can anyone else spot the oddball and have you seen anything like it?


oddball is 3rd to last, correct? The pattern looks similar to some messy pewters I’ve seen. Something’s gotta be in there messing with the pattern. I feel like I’ve seen something exactly like it, but I can’t recall what

yes, that’s the one. I’m completely at a loss. At this point I’ve gone back and forth so much comparing and contrasting even the normals are starting to look odd.

Obviously I need to get some better photos, but curious what others think is going on with the clutch, as well as the oddball.