Clutch 3 of '21

My last clutch for the '21 season! Calico Enchi x Pastel pos Chocolate DG Hypo and Banana Super Cinnamon were the pairings. Should be easy to tell who the dad is for these babies, whatever doesn’t have Cinnamon will be from the DG lol. 7 eggs and no slugs from this first time mom, with one of them being huge compared to the others (the one on the far right)! Looking forward to seeing what I get from this!


Got a few babies out of their eggs!

I think both of these babies are from the Desert Ghost, but I’m not sure. The first one is definitely Pastel Enchi, and the second one is a Pastel Calico Chocolate Enchi (I think), but it could also be a Pewter Enchi Calico. Leaning more towards it being the former just because 1. I don’t think that the Banana Super Cinnamon has Pastel based on his color and 2. It looks different compared to the (very few) other Pewter Enchi Calicos on MorphMarket . Will be posting more photos after the others come out their eggs!


The rest have come out, here are pictures of all 7 of them!

Definitely a dual-sired clutch! Got 2 beautiful Cinnamons, a Pastel Enchi double het, and 5 Pastel Calico combos (I’m not entirely sure of what all they have in them, but I think they all have Enchi and Chocolate which would be amazing odds)! Can’t wait to see them all after their first sheds!