Clutch help - morph ID

Looks like my girl retained some sperm - my pairing was banana enchi to a lesser pastel.
These 4 are what came out.
The small ones are twins


It is very possible to wiff on genetics! You could have easily missed on the banana and Enchi. It happened to me


Well the one is clearly Lesser Pastel. The other large one clearly has pastel and enchi given the clover leaf head stamp. I can’t see the heads of the twins. But the full dorsal stripe and is really interesting. Can you post pics of the Sire and Dame?


These should be the parents

Lesser pastel Female
Banana Enchi male


Thank you for posting the parents. Do you know the pairing that produced the Banana Enchi? Was there a possibility of any other gene? Do you have better picture of the headstamp on it. The dorsal striping is so prominent that it looks like a gene that used to be called Harlequin, but it was one of those genes that everyone questioned kind of the way people have opinions about Blade. It is a head scratcher to be sure.

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Yeah here’s his head
And unfortunately I don’t. My fiancé knew I was looking for a banana and picked him up as a surprise.