Clutch I.d help

I could really use some help with this one.

It’s a little complicated but I purchased an adult female as a het clown. She didn’t prove out for the breeder for 2 seasons and he explained to me that she was one of several hatchlings that escaped years ago so he may not have put her back into the correct tub.
She is definitely het for something as they were all hets that escaped.

She has recently laid me a clutch of eggs and the outcome is confusing me especially with one snake in particular. The female was paired to a blackhead lavender het pied just once and a yellowbelly pied from then onwards.

Can anyone help identify them as the pattern and colours seem way off for what should have come out.
I’ve attached the photos of the parent and hatchlings below
Thank you in advance :+1:


Hatchling 1

Hatchling 2

Hatchling 3

Hatchling 4

Hatchling 5


Ask the breeder what he had paired her to previously. I would put money on that first hatchling being the result of retained sperm

Second and third look to be YB. Fourth and fifth look to be normals


Thanks for replying.
I’ve already had her a couple of years. She laid eggs last season which the father was a banana clown. But I cant see banana in there and also it’s a female when the male is a male maker banana.
Do you have any idea what could possibly be in the mix for me to try and narrow it down?
Thank you

Can you provide pics of both potential sires?

And also, a few more pics of number one, specifically belly pics and some more stretched out from both sides?

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Sure. Sorry if they’re not the best photos. The hatchling especially would not sit still.




Blackhead lavender het pied

Yellowbelly pied


Any more ideas on what she could be? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


That last one is definitely an anomaly!

I’d agree with Travis’s assessment on the other hatchlings, YB/YB/Normal/Normal.

The last one looks like a mojave ghost combo of some sort to me. Maybe enchi in there that eye color judging by the last pics.

Definitely doesn’t seem to line up with either of the potential fathers.

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Can you get pictures of her eyes? Maybe it’s the camera angle but it looks kinda like they have a slight pinkish hue to them in those last pictures, if so then she could be some type of Albino, like maybe Ultramel or Caramel. It would also help explain her colors.

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I’m not familiar with any of the genes you’re working with, but she is beautiful! I think it would almost be worth keeping her to pair her out down the road. She does have some of that hypo ghosting quality in the most recent pics. Is she in the middle of a shed cycle?

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Sorry i completely forgot about this post.
Here’s an update on the unknown snake.
The snake is a female, currently at around 1800g.

I did recently try putting a male to her a few times to see if she’d be interested but she just goes mad so i’ve left it for now. (She is definitely female, i did 2nd guess myself afer i saw how she acted)
So for now i cant prove her out as anything, maybe later this year or next.

I’ve added a recent photo of her so if anyone has any ideas on the genes at play. That would be great.


Any ideas from anyone as to what she could be at all?
It’s just everytime i open her tub it bugs me haha.

I’m thinking ultramel or some sort but with other things going on, especially because of how she looked when she was a hatchling.

Thanks for any help

It certainly looks like a possible Ultramel or Caramel… Maybe send a shed in to Ben and see what he can tell you

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