Clutch ID Help: GHI Clown?

Need a little help figuring out if GHI is in this clown clutch.
This is my girl Diva’s first clutch (to a Leopard Clown) and when I got her she was listed as a Pastel Clown (and pos het Hypo). The breeder was originally holding her back believing that she was a Pastel GHI Clown, but started to doubt it as she grew and decided to let her go (I bought her at 7 months old). I’ve been operating under the assumption that she does not have GHI, so when her eggs started hatching I was like “wow, look at all those Pastel Leopards!”, until the first “normal” clown showed up and didn’t looks so normal.

So my question to those with a little more clown experience is, does it look like 4-4 has GHI, and if so, do you see GHI in any of these other hatchlings? Or does 4-4 just have a bit more of an aberrant pattern for a normal Clown?

Thanks for the help!




4-4 (GHI???)


4-6 (Pretty sure just a normal)

Diva (pic when bought & current)