Clutch ID help requested

Recently I bought out a small breeder. By doing so we ended up with a clutch that was born within a few days of our purchase. I have my own opinions but I’d love some others as well.

Pairing was;

Coral Glow HRA x Black pastel fire


They are all gorgeous!

Looks like there is Black Pastel in all of them.

I too have my thoughts on the combos you have there. But I’m also novice enough to wait and see what the more experienced breeders think.

Welcome aboard!

We would love to see pictures of the others in your collection.

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Good day when all but 1 hatchling ate. :heart:

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I may mess this up the fire gene might throw things off a bit but.
1 is black pastel, coral glow
2 is black pastel, het red, coral glow, and I think maybe fire?(super light no orange or deep purple)
3 is black pastel, het red, fire (too bright for a regular onyx)
4 is black pastel, het red
5 is black pastel, maybe fire in there, can’t tell how bright from pic.
My best guesses! Hope it helps!


I’m not great with ID, but wanted to say they are great looking snakes

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