Clutch id help single gene Leo’s…

Pairing was f Mojave- m leopard clown
All babies are het clown that’s a easy one. Mojave about that easy but I got some pretty cool looking Mojave’s. Might be cause the clown influence cause mom looks more typical. The single gene leopard is hard for me to point out though cause it’s looking kind of normal. The ones I believe are normal would be the brighter of the bunch but uncertain. I’ll include two pics of each to try and help identify them. I appreciate all the help

1 mojave

2 Normal

3 normal

4 leopard?

5 Mojave leopard

6 leopard

7 mojave

8 Mojave


Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet because I’m not really seeing leopard, but I am seeing black pastel? Has she ever been paired to a black pastel?

Can you post pictures of parents?


Last years pairing was cinnamon yellow belly banana

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I agree with @chesterhf and cinnamon and black pastel are very similar so I wonder if last year was a black pastel yellow belly banana instead of cinnamon, because those eyebrows above the alien heads look like a good example of black pastel in #4 so my guess would be:
1: mojave, poss yellow belly
2: normal
3: normal, poss yellow belly(by flames, pattern)
4: black pastel
5: mojave, black pastel
6: normal
7&8: mojave, yellow belly
Need to see belly pics of the normals to see if yellow belly for sure. I know leopard is quite a variable morph, but I don’t see it in there at all. I really like number 7 myself!!


Took a pic of 5&7 for a side by side. Due to the suggestions I’m actually believing you guys more due to the comparisons given over previous owner. I can’t confirm last years pairing was cinnamon yb banana but the banana I thought had excluded that possibility here. The savanna(Mojave cinnamon) I really thought was a savanna ball( Mojave leopard) looking pretty similar. Not exactly what I wanted out of the clutch but it still puts me closer to the goal I was looking at.


I did find a lot of references though of Mojave leopard examples that look very similar to what I believe I have

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You could be right, leopard is one of those genes that varies so much in its expression it is very difficult to say for me. I just think of Mojave leopards as having a more connected and stripey side pattern, that’s all. And for me number 5 looks like it also has black pastel, too dark for Mojave colors to me. I guess 6 might be a lower expression leopard, but to me looks pretty normal. Did you ever look at the bellies to see if any were noticeably yellow belly, that could give you more clues as well. Wish you luck! You got a lot of nice snakes from this crazy clutch!


I can’t say for sure that leopard isn’t in this cross, but #4 is a very classic looking black pastel, and fairly positive #5 has black pastel as well.