Clutch ID help

This clutch has me guessing. The pairing was Black Pastel Lesser Cypress to Emperor Pin. Just wondering what you guys think.

Here’s my guess

  1. All 6 genes? Black Pewter Super Lesser Cypress Pinstripe
  2. Black Pewter Lesser Cypress
  3. Black Pewter Cypress
  4. Black Pewter Lesser pinstripe
  5. Black Pastel
  6. Super Lesser


@t_h_wyman is your guy for Black Pastel IDs so I’d take his word over mine but here goes…

  1. I think your spot on minus the second copy of lesser. It looks like a really dark Black Pewter Kingpin which could be the Cypress.

  2. Again, I believe your right. It looks exactly like a Black Pewter Lesser Cypress listed by Bob Vu and I’d take his word on identification.

  3. By the looks of it I think I’m going to be agreeing with most of them. Cypress is easily noticeable in this one. To be honest I think I prefer this over the +lesser above.

  4. If your not right here is say as a second guess a Black Pastel Pinstripe.

  5. Black Pastel

  6. Super Lesser + ???

Some absolutely beautiful animals :ok_hand:

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1 is BlkPewter Lesser Pin poss Cypress

2 is BlkPewter Cypress Lesser

3 is BlkPastel Lesser (not sure about Cypress in this one, I am not seeing the “ocelli” in the dorsal that Cypress usually imparts)

4 is Lemonblast (might have Cypress, that dorsal has me questioning)

5 is BlkPastel

6 is a SuperLesser, likely also has Pin and maybe Cypress

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The only reason I think the first one might have both copies of lesser is that it has blue eyes. However i don’t have a lot of experience producing BEL’s with super lesser.

You cannot “add” colour into a the whiter BluELs so animal 1 is not a SuperLesser.

If you do a direct comparison of the eyes of animal 1 to animal 6 you will see there is a difference in the colouration. Animal 1 will end up looking more silver/slate than light blue. Animal 1 will also have a more pronounced discontinuity of shade between the top and bottom


I see. So the eyes aren’t actually blue.