Clutch ID Help?

Hey y’all! I would really appreciate some more experienced help ID’ing this clutch. This is my first clutch, and it was a surprise from a female I didn’t pair. Female is a super pastel (I included a couple photos of her at the bottom) and I was told she might have been paired with a super pastel yb/gravel, but given the hatchlings, I doubt that was the sire - so the pairing is ??? X Super Pastel. I think I’ve figured out most of them, but I would appreciate help. My apologies for picture quality, and lack of belly pics - I didn’t think about it until the final hatchling, that’s my bad.

I THINK I have:

  1. Pastel Enchi?
  2. Pastel Mochi?
  3. Pastel Mochi pos YB?
  4. Pastel Enchi?
  5. Pastel Mochi?
  6. Pastel Enchi pos YB?
  7. Pastave pos YB?
  8. Pastel Enchi pos YB?

Thank y’all!


I mostly agree with your IDs, but I’m not sure if 4 is an enchi. Maybe, but not sure.


I haven’t worked much with Enchi in combination with pastel (or YB with pastel) so I’m not super confident ID’ing either, honestly.