Clutch ID Help!

Pairing was 0.1 SuperStripe to what was labeled a 1.0 Butter YB. He’s definitely butter, i’m thinking vanilla/fire possibly but no YB. We are pretty confused about every clutch he’s produced, but here is the first lol. All I know is that everyone is at least yb or specter, and there are some pretty obvious butters. The first baby has a really cool pixelated pattern in person and some have very orange sides like baby #9. Any input is much appreciated!

Mom and Dad:

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You sire appears to be just butter I’m not seeing yellowbelly or fire complex in him. For sure no fire he would be way lighter.

Butter fire for reference

So all the babies are either yb/spectre or butter yb/spectre imo

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thank you for your input! That’s what would make the most sense, i am just thrown off by how extremely orange baby #9 is. Looking now i can see she doesn’t look very orange but in person looks almost super OD.

I don’t think orange dream is there but I’m by far no expert when it comes to orange dream. @t_h_wyman worjs with orange dream maybe he can lend his opinion

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the head blushing on some also seemed a bit extreme to me for just a butter, which is what threw us off in the first place.

hopefully this picture shows it a bit better

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Fully agree with Shaun. Sire looks to be just a Butter and no OD present


awesome thank you

Pattern definitely isn’t clean enough for od.

Od Fire/vanilla Hypo for reference … you can see how clean the pattern is.

Without OD and hypo.