Clutch identification help please

Pairing was Pastel Fire Orange Dream X Pastel Leopard Clown. Hatch date was 6/23/20 and they just had their first shed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


These are just guesses, so wait for others opinions aswel.

  1. Super Pastel Leopard

  2. Super Pastel Fire Leopard (I think the Fire brings back a lot of the dark pigments lost on the snake above)

  3. Pastel Leopard

  4. Leopard

  5. Fire (maybe just a normal)

Again these are just guesses.

  1. Superfly Leopard pos OD (fire, super pastel, leopard maybe OD)
  2. Firefly Leopard (fire, pastel, leopard)
  3. Pastel Leopard or Fire leopard
  4. Leopard
  5. Fire, not yellow enough for pastel and too much blushing in the blacks for a normal.

Fire makes snakes lighter and washes out blacks, not the other way around. They are also all 100% het for clown, and het clowns are known to be cleaner and lighter than normal BPs.

welcome all beautiful snakes. I cant help id but congrats

  1. Superfly od ( super pastel fire orange dream)
  2. Super pastel leopard od
  3. Pastel Leopard
  4. Leopard
  5. Fire or normal hard to tell for sure from pic. Leaning towards fire.
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Thank you all for the help!