Clutch identification: Ultramel

The pairing was Pastel 50%DH Ultraglow to Ultramel. The one to the right in the first pic should be a Pastel Ultramel, but any idea about the one on the left. The second picture is one of the Ultramel only clutch mates. The dad has no Pastel, and will post a picture of him and mom as well.


Almost looks like a fire complex (firefly Ultramel?). Do you know the parents of your parents?

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I do not. We contacted the breeder we acquired the parents from and he is just as confused by the results as we are.

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Can I see side/belly pics?

I will try to get some. It’s a shared clutch with a breeder friend of ours and they are currently at his house.

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He didn’t send me pictures because he was feeding his collection yesterday, so hopefully I can get swing by and get some here in the next day or two. We talked to the breeder of the parents some more and he recalls when he bought the mom as a hatchling she was listed as possibly carrying a Dinker gene. He said he doesn’t know how but it almost looks like our male might’ve been carrying a hidden het Hypo. Bright side, she is a hood back and I will be sending in her shed for genetic testing! Lol


I’d agree with this. It looks like you lucked out and got a hidden het hypo that happened to be compatible with your girl’s hypo!