Coconut Fiber vs Cypress mulch vs other

Which do you use? Why?

There is

Coconut husk (fiber) very fine great with smaller animals, messy with larger animals, absorbent and holds humidity well.

Coconut chips larger pieces of coconut, soft, absorbent and hold humidity well.

Cypress much large hard pieces of cypress, pointy and sharp edges at time, hold humidity well. Cypress mulch found in your local store such as home depot are often blends of different wood.

I use coco fiber for hatchling hognose and adult sand boas as it promotes their natural behaviour.

I use coconut chips with some BP and Carpets

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Do you switch the hog noses to Aspen then?

Yes I keep my adults on aspen.

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Do you find the sharp edges of cypress mulch too risky for your reptiles? I have used aspen due to not keeping high humidity reptiles until recently, so these substrates are new to me.

We use all of those things. Depends on species. We use 100% Cypress mulch that is double or triple milled not the stuff home depot or home supply stores sell. No sharp edges at all. It’s actually fairly soft for a wood fiber product.

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