“Coffee” Gene from NERD

Anyone working with it? Pics of it? Info on it?

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I found this
It’s not NERDs and it’s from ~2003 but that’s all I can find.

Ralph Davis Reptiles

Morph: Coffee
Status: Unproven
When: ?
By Whom:
The Snake Keeper and some other breeders are working with this mutation, I believe the Snake Keeper to be the closest to seeing any results.

The coffee ball python was one of the unusual ball python shown in the Ball Python Manual. The name coffee was given to this snake to describe the color of the brown on the sides. The coffee ball python is truly a beautiful ball python to look at. With its vibrant thin gold stripe and dark coffee colored sides that are occasionally broken with an unusual pattern it is really an eye catcher. This is a project that we have been working on for several years. We are really hoping that she will prove out to be genetic. Her clutch of eggs is the last to hatch this season on 11/4/2003. We are anxiously awaiting their hatching. Two previous clutches from heterozygous coffee to heterozygous coffee hatched earlier this year with no coffee ball pythons in the clutch. Needless to say we were disappointed. Hopefully this last clutch will produce some coffee ball pythons. This is part of the risk and the disappointment with ball pythons. Often times a morph has all the looks of being something that will prove out to be genetic, but after repeated breeding trails, it does not. Hopefully the coffee ball python will not fall into that category.

Text by The Snake Keeper

Source: http://www.ralphdavisreptiles.com/matrix/traits/coffee.asp