Cohabing snakes during brumation?

Hi guys, I am planning to start brumating my corns soon and have heard of some breeders (snake discovery for one) that put same-sex and size pairs together during brumation. What are everybody’s thoughts and experiences doing this? Thank you in advance.

If possible I don’t see a reason to (unless it makes it more convenient). I wouldn’t ever pair two males together but during brumation pairing females together might be okay.

I was going to cohab a pair of females that are the same size together due to no rack space for one of my females and wanting to have them all in the rack with the thermometer hooked up to it (incase temps get too cold).

It can be done. One of the larger breeders I know does pairs or groups. Personally, I would not be comfortable with it.

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Most people I know that pair animals up during hibernation are pairing up the male and female that they intend to breed the following spring.

That said, I have always co-hibernated all of my rubber boas as they have been documented to congregate in small groups in the wild.

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I put my Thayers/Variable/Leonis kingsnakes together in same size and same sex pairs for brumation, primarily because the room in my house that gets cool enough for brumation is a small room.

The males have never shown any behavioural differences from the females during brumation. I think they’re equipped with behavioural switches and don’t exhibit any territorial behaviour when in brumation conditions.

The males are separated immediately when coming out of brumation. If I left them together whilst warming up, I bet there would be male/male dominance issues.

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It is known that some adult pairs of some species will brumate together in the wild. Even Cal kings do that. I put my adult Cals together during brumation, and never had an issue. And those are cal kings, which are the most likely to eat a cagemate snake there is.

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