ColdBlooded: A New Social Media Platform!

You may have seen our earlier thread on this, but here the official announcement:

MorphMarket is thrilled to introduce - the ultimate social media platform for animal enthusiasts!

Join ColdBlooded for free to connect with animal enthusiasts worldwide! Although we primarily focus on reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians, all animal and nature content is welcome! Whether you’re a newbie, a curious learner, or an experienced breeder, ColdBlooded is the perfect online hub for you!

On ColdBlooded, users can create pages, form groups, engage in public forum discussions, and share their knowledge through articles. It’s a platform designed for connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and exchanging knowledge.

As other social media platforms crack down on animal sales and content, ColdBlooded takes a different approach. It is purposefully designed to accommodate and support the needs of the animal community, providing a safe and inclusive space for sharing and engaging in all things cold-blooded.

Selling is Now Social

Users can now seamlessly log in to ColdBlooded using their MorphMarket account. Simply click the “Continue to MorphMarket” button on the login page, and you’re in!

Once you’ve logged in with your MM account, you’ll be prompted to create a unique username for your personal profile. This username should be slightly different from your MorphMarket username to enhance your presence on the platform. Think of it as your personal profile, similar to how it works on other social sites like Facebook.

By default, you’ll have immediate access to your business page, conveniently located under “My Pages.” This is where you can share engaging content related to your business directly with your audience.

If you signed up before the MorphMarket button was introduced, don’t worry! Your page access remains intact if you used the same email address as your MM account. Some users have found it helpful to sign out and sign back in for the page to appear. If you encounter any issues, please contact our team, and we’ll gladly assist you!

Soon, your MorphMarket store and ads will automatically sync with your ColdBlooded account.

ColdBlooded App

Although ColdBlooded is not currently available as an app, we are working on developing one. You can still operate ColdBlooded like an app by pinning the website to your home screen! Click here to learn how!

Improvements and Bugs

ColdBlooded is a brand-new platform that may hit some bumps along the way, but you will see some major changes over the next few weeks. These changes will help improve visibility and usability and resolve known bugs. If you have any features to request or bugs to report, you may do so on our public forums!


Join us on, the ultimate social site for reptile enthusiasts, where you can connect, share, and embrace your love for all things cold-blooded!

See you there!


MorphMarket Sellers should now have access to their own business page. You can view this by going to “My Pages.” If you do not see it there, try logging out and use the “Continue with MorphMarket” button to log back in.


This will be confusing at first but will eventually make sense, but those just signing up, please be aware that your username for ColdBlooded will need to be slightly different than your username for MorphMarket and the MRC. That username is currently in use by your business page on ColdBlooded.

I recommend adding “-cb” to your current MorphMarket username, so caryl-cb for @caryl for example.

If you have any issues, please let us know!


Not working for me :pensive:


Whats not working?


My pages. I’ve logged out and back in again also.


You already used your username didn’t you?
You will need to create a new page


So because I made an account myself it’s different? :sweat_smile:


Made a page too!
May be a pain trying to do both but I’ll try :rofl:

Also my lil blue ticks gone. So sad :upside_down_face:

Also my account made me married overnight too…
Stole my tick and married me off. Blimey it’s been a whirlwind.


I had created an account when it wasnt working. Deleted the old account then used the MM button. Seems to be working fine.

Sonwe should use the cb add on on here or there?


Mine doesn’t work either :upside_down_face:


Really didn’t want to delete since I’ve posted a lot :sweat_smile:


I had to make a separate page.


I think that I might do that or I might just used my primary as a combo seller/personal thing.


My username here is already my name, so I set my username to my usual username of TheFrenchiestFry :rofl:


That is the best username! Haha!


Let me look into this for you!


What is your page name?


I am having our tech team take a look at your account. We wan
t to make sure your store is syncing over to the page correctly once we implement that change. I will let you know as soon as I hear back!


I am looking into yours too! Ignore my question, I couldn’t remember your actual name for a second because I think of you as “lumpy” bahaha


I think I have responded to everyone, but I still have no idea how to operate this forum fully, so please tag me directly if I missed you!