Collection Photos [Biological Canvas]

I love the clarity that you are able to capture.

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Thanks Riley!

Full Frame DSLR with a 60mm macro lens. Been using this lens for nearly 15 years! Bounce flash really helps light them up well.

Snapped a couple photos of my second pairing of this season. Pastel Dreamsicle male in with a Dreamsicle female. Full clutch of dreamsicles, woohoo!

16 years ago with a nice normal boa!


Congratulation on the super awesome clutch coming :crossed_fingers:
Nice boa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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2019 YB Pied Het Lav

She’s the mom to my Pastel YB Dreamsicle clutch laid in June. She’s in a 70 series ARS tub with a hide on reptizorb liner.


She is pretty, I love pieds :heart_eyes:

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I did find that method really interesting. I’m not a breeder so I don’t really have much need for it but it’s intriguing nonetheless. Beautiful kids though well done.


YB Dreamsicle Female update photos.

This girl just weighed in at 280 grams and had a fresh shed. She was the obvious brightest of the clutch. It will be interesting watching her develop alongside her Pastel YB Dreamsicle sibling. J. Kobylka says the pastel yb version will hold better color as an adult vs straight yb. I’m noticing the pastel version gaining color/contrast but the YB might be as well, definitely holding strong. Too early to tell but it will be fun to compare them both at 1000g+.

She was super squirmy for this photo shoot. I wanted to get better full body shots but she was not cooperating. One of the most impressive things about her to me is how much color reaches down into her sides and even “bleeds” into the whites. The whites are very “crisp” as well, it’s hard to explain. Her color is very strong head to tail.


Super cool, you have added dreamsicles to my top 3 morph combos list. I love all the contrast and color that yours have.


I really like how busy her patterning is.


You have some of the nicest ball pythons I’ve ever seen. That boa you had was really nice too.


Thanks! Glad to have inspired you to get into dreamsicles. They are what drew me to ball pythons and my first major project. I think they’re amazing and there’s much to be done still refining them.

Thanks Randy. We found her pattern has some letters in it that look like eEEc. Pretty cool!

Thanks so much. I’ve put a lot of effort towards getting the best animals I could find and it has yielded some exceptional offspring I think. Just getting started though! I appreciate the kind words.


Confusion BlackHead Lavender 50% Het Pied Male

A bit chilly from shipping in these photos. I bet he will color up even more when he warms up.

I think he will prove het pied given the strong tracks and striping near his tail. The white highlights on his lips and sides are unreal. So much white space and bright contrast. Confusion is amazing in lavender. Very happy to get this guy! My dreamsicle project is stacking up nicely!

And here you can kinda see how he has the typical het pied “tracks” leading to the vent, in addition to the striping. Very good sign he’s going to prove out het pied!


2021 Pastel Dreamsicle Male @ 225+ grams

Continuous changing light due to cloud cover made white balancing these shots difficult but managed some good ones regardless.


You make me want to get into ball pythons.

Please take this as a complement :grin: