Collection reduction question

Is there a way to let everyone know of a collection reduction without listing each gecko? I have 200 I need to liquidate asap. Please let me know how to do this IF it is possible. Thanks


I don’t think that would be possible. But, you can list groups of geckos. I think that only works if they have the same genetics. So, if you have 5 geckos with the exact same traits, you only need 1 listing. @eaglereptiles @lumpy might know if something like this is possible.


You can sell entire groups and collections now. Thomas would be able to explain more.


We do allow mixed groups, but only with specific protocols. They are very simple to implement. Please review Section 3.13 of our Rules for Selling.

Group Sale Rules (click here to expand)
    1. There are two types of Multiple Animal Ads that are permitted:
    2. Group: all the animals posted in the ad are for sale as a single unit.
    3. Must all belong to the same Category.
    4. May advertise breeding pairs, trios, or larger sized Groups.
    5. Ad may include mixed genetics, sexes, ages.
    6. All included genetics should be tagged.
    7. Each individual animal should be listed in the description with its specific details, including sex (if known), age/size, and genetic traits. Tagged traits should line up with all traits listed in the description.
    8. If the Group consists of animals that all look basically alike, a Representative Photo may be used if that option is set.
    9. If the Group consists of animals that vary in appearance, pictures of each should be placed in the ad. If the group is too large to accommodate individual pictures, some examples of the group should be shown, and pictures of ALL of them should be on hand to share with those inquiring.
    10. Price listed is the total price for the entire group.
    11. None of these animals may have individual ads or be sold separately.
    12. Quantity field must be set and the “Sold as Group” option must be selected on the ad.
    13. Individual: multiple animals being offered as individual sales and/or in variable quantities.
    14. Must all belong to the same Category and carry the same genetic traits.
    15. Price listed is the price for purchase of a single animal. If selling individual males and females at different prices, the higher of the two is the “Listed Price” for that ad.
    16. Description field may include additional prices for the animals if purchased in various quantities but may not include any other animals for sale.
    17. None of these animals may have individual ads.
    18. Quantity field must be set and the “Sold as Group" option should not be selected on the ad.
  1. Mixed Collection Sales

If you wish to sell your entire collection as a single unit and it consists of only one Category of animals, use the Group Ad option described above. If you wish to sell your entire collection and it consists of species from multiple Categories, the following rules and procedures apply:

  1. Ad limits per your membership level still apply.
  2. All rules regarding accuracy and seller responsibility still apply.
  3. Create a Group Ad, as described above, for each different Category.
    1. The description field must include the following language: “COLLECTION SALE! No animals sold separately. Entire collection must go at once. Click on store link to see ads for the full selection of available animals. TOTAL COLLECTION PRICE: $XXXX.”
    2. The Collection Price must be an accurate reflection of what you are willing to accept. Negotiations may go on behind the scenes, but this price may not be overly inflated or understated to attract inquiries.

When you create an ad and enter a “Quantity” above 1, you will see a “Sold as Group” option appear.




Thank you for the replies and the link to the rule number - this was very helpful.


you could wholesale them to a reptile shop .