Collection: The Royal Nest Reptiles

Decided to make a post with all my snakes, since I finally got pics of all of them.

Warning, lots of pictures and text!

Ball Pythons

0.1 normal
My first ball python! She may be het pied based on her markers, so once she’s up to size I’ll be pairing her to my banana pied male.

0.1 butter
My first adult female I picked up. She’s the one with the abscess on her jaw. She was in shed in this pic.

0.1 normal het piebald
Prefers live feeders, and is a bit of a butt sometimes.

0.1 pastel het VPI axanthic
She produced my first ball python clutch, though it went horribly wrong and only one baby ended up surviving out of 8 good eggs.

0.1 pewter
Laid 3 good eggs and a slug last season. Decided not to produce a clutch this season despite her having good body condition even after laying and going back on food almost immediately.

0.1 pastel super mojave
She too damn chunky. Always been a voracious eater, never hit the “1000 gram wall” — but she’s on a diet now, hoping next year her weight evens out and she produces a nice big first clutch for me. She weighs 1759 grams as of her most recent weigh, and is gaining still even after starting her diet.

0.1 albino
A massive girl, almost 3000 grams. And I thought Butters was big.

0.1 pastel mojave enchi mahogany het albino
One of my powerhouse females. She’ll be paired to my cinnamon mahogany het albino male next season. She’s a bit touchy but has definitely gotten better with handling.

0.1 normal het piebald
Oh yeah, I have a second one of these. She also is weird with feeders and goes from wanting live to being okay with f/t.

0.1 normal/dinker
Got this interesting girl in a trade. She’s got a more “banded” look to her and is lighter in color compared to my other “normals”. Hoping she proves out to be something interesting!

0.1 pastel banana 66% het piebald
I have a love/hate relationship with this girl. She will make it a priority to bite me if I so much as look at her wrong. It’s not the usual defensiveness I see in my other ball pythons, which makes her behavior even more confusing. But she’s also a decent investment snake if she proves out the het pied.

0.1 pastel mojave spider
Very eager to eat all the time.

0.1 pastel clown
Very defensive little gal, but eats like a beast. I scored her for $350 at an expo. I’m proud of that, honestly.

0.1 normal het ultramel
Cocoa has a super wild looking pattern for being a visual normal. I don’t know if the het ultramel is responsible for that or not.

0.1 butter mystic
Produced from Almond x Butters. I originally wanted to name Lucy “Blue”, but forgot I had promised my fiancé the first BEL we purchased would be named Lucy. So I vowed to name the first BEL I produced “Blue”, and so here we are.

0.1 butter spinnerblast
Produced from Peanut x Charlie. One of my favorite 2020 babies. Hit pretty good odds with her out of the 3 egg clutch.

0.1 pewter bee
Produced from Peanut x Charlie. I love the expression of the gene combo this girl has. She didn’t eat on her own for several months, and after several more months of assist feeding, she now slams down f/t rat pups on her own like there’s no tomorrow.

0.1 spider yellowbelly
Produced from Banan x Gwen (not pictured)
I originally wasn’t going to keep her, but after selling her mom I decided to. She’s kind of an “upgrade” from the single gene spider her mom is.

1.0 butter spinner
Peanut is one of my bigger boys, usually sitting around 1000-1200 grams. He’s super grumpy though, and usually hisses when you pick him up. Gets super excited over food though, he’s even went full on tail-wagging over a rat before!

1.0 super mystic
Almond is a sweet and curious boy. Unfortunately had a bit of stuck shed in the pic, he’s probably gonna need a good soak to get that off.

1.0 banana yellowbelly
Banan is probably one of my sweetest males. Super calm and great with handling. Also the first male I raised and proved out!

1.0 banana piebald
Sherbet is also grumpy and tends to be defensive until you’ve handled him for a bit. He is in shed in the pic.

1.0 VPI axanthic spider
Hoping Ava is willing to breed next season, and I can finally use this boy in a pairing. He wasn’t ready in 2020, and then Ava decided to take the 2021 season off (wouldn’t even lock with the males!)

1.0 pastel vanilla het VPI axanthic
Hoping to work this guy into future projects as well — though having two males seems a bit redundant.

1.0 pastel banana clown
Wanted to go for straight visuals for my first clown clutch, so I picked up this boy. He’s super sweet, but is also another one of my picky ones that will only take live.

1.0 pastel GHI
I plan to use this boy in some mojave GHI projects in the future. Mainly with Lucy, and likely Daisy too.

1.0 cinnamon mahogany het albino
This little guy has a lot coming in his future. He’ll be paired to Solaris and Apricot next season.

1.0 ultramel
This boy has a habit of giving up on his food after not being able to find an end to start eating it on. I have to check him after feeding to make sure he actually eats. Sometimes I wonder if he’s lacking brain cells.

1.0 pastel banana ??
I haven’t really bothered with a proper ID for this trooper, since he’ll always be a pet only. He’s the only surviving offspring of the 2020 Banan x Ava clutch, and has some minor deformities. Mainly an odd head shape and a teeny kink by his tail.
He had to be assist fed, but eventually figured it out and eats well on his own. Also has a weird tendency to hold in his feces/urates for long periods of time.

0.1 pastel yellowbelly piebald
Picture not mine, was provided to me by the breeder. This girl isn’t in my possession yet, as she only took her first meal about a week ago. She’s another investment animal though, and I’m excited to get her!

Plains/Western Hognoses

Normal - green phase
Mocha has the most aggressive feeding response I have ever seen in a snake. She will eat literally anything you offer her that smells like food, including your fingers.

0.1 red albino
This gal has a great appetite too, that almost rivals Mocha’s.

0.1 normal het albino
Produced from Mango x Mocha. This girl has the exact same appetite as her mom, but has also hooded up at me like her dad… once.

0.1 extreme red albino tiger 50% het axanthic
Blaze is a bit more shy compared to my other hogs, but still eats pretty readily!

0.1 axanthic het albino/snow
Always angry. Will only eat if I’m the only one in the room with her, she doesn’t trust my fiancé at all for some reason. Unsure if she’s a male or female though, her tail length says male but shape says female. Only time will tell!

1.0 albino
Mango always hoods. Pancake cober boy.
May be letting him go after the 2022 season, since my other two males will produce more valuable babies unfortunately.

1.0 lavender het albino
Got a pretty sweet deal on this boy, especially if he proves het albino.
Breeder bought him as 100% het, but since he couldn’t vouch for it and hadn’t paired him to prove it out themselves, they sold him for a regular lavender price.
He did say that they’ve purchased hets from the other breeder before that did prove out, so I’m pretty confident in this boy. He’s already almost breeding size, so I’ll be able to pair him to at least Mirage next season!

1.0 snow
This little man is the embodiment of crackhead energy. Has charged at me with his mouth wide open, expecting food to somehow end up in there. Definitely a big ol goofball.


0.1 boa imperator
Bessie was purchased by my fiancé, as he seems to really like boas in particular. I’ve made sure he takes care of her properly, and have kept her fed properly so she maintains an optimal body condition.
She’s a puppydog until she smells food. Thus, I am working on tap training/hook training her for when she gets to adult size.

I have considered breeding bi’s as well, but will invest in some morphs if I do so. My dream would be to produce a sun dragon if anything, they’re so cool looking!

0.1 leucistic CRB
Luna is a new arrival, so she doesn’t have a fancy picture yet. But she’s settled in well already, and took her first rat pup today without issue!

0.1 normal CRB
My first rainbow boa, I fell in love with her. The Colombians aren’t as bright as the Brazilians, but I’m happy to be working with the less common species.

Other Species

0.1 normal tricolor hognose
Checkers is named for the “checker” pattern by her tail end. She was pretty shy at first, but has settled in and became a very aggressive feeder! Can’t wait to raise her up and start breeding some tricolors as well.

0.1 normal het t+ albino
Ecco was my decision to try getting into blood pythons again. She was produced by Brandon Osborne, and as he is local to me I bought her at the local show, and was able to ask questions about their care that I didn’t think about asking before. I’ve only managed to get bit once since I got her, and it was 100% my fault for not being more mindful of her personal space :rofl:
I had an outdoor pic of her, but she just shed today so I used that pic instead.

Edit: Everyone else has been added! Enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nice collection you have there.


I loved looking and reading through all of this :grin:


Thanks! I’ve gathered a nice little group of noodles over the past almost 3 years. Running out of rack space again, so gonna have to invest in more of those before I buy any more snakes :rofl:


Amazing snakes! I love all the pictures and details on each one. The descriptions for the hoggies are very entertaining. :joy: Raindrop looks like a pastel, especially with the green eyes.


Huh, I didn’t notice her eyes at first! They’re a little more grey-green than I’d expect for a pastel, but she may just be a really low quality one if that’s the case.
Maybe I’ll try pairing her with one of my pastel males to see if they throw any super pastel. I have… at least 3 males I could try.

pastel ghi, pastel vanilla het VPI axanthic, and pastel banana clown.

Not sure which would be the best choice though :thinking:


Damn Holly I didn’t realise your addiction had got so bad :no_mouth: this is a absolutely quality post!

My favourites:


Addiction you say?

Just added this little gal to my hognose arsenal, from @redridgereptiles :grin:

Buuut… Peanut also went to a new home as a pet, so I gained one and lost one :rofl:

There’s a local show tomorrow so I might be coming home with more :rofl::rofl:

But thank you, haha!


Very cute reptiles, can’t wait to see what else you get :grin:


I really like this gal! Her pattern is super busy! Super nice addition!


I wouldn’t use the pastel vanilla het VPI to avoid producing pos hets. Personally I would use the pastel banana clown so you don’t produce any normals.


That old timeless question, where the answer is always one more snake!


Just one? :weary:


But once you have that one, the answer no longer applies the question because technically you have the snakes you have and can continually ask the question once more. Essentially creating an infinity expanding collection.
That is a very philosophical answer, lol. I love philosophy.


When X equals how many snakes you want and Y equals how many snakes you have:
X = Y+1


I am :rofl: but :scream: because I know that is how it works with reptile enthusiasts


Fair enough — I was personally leaning towards him anyways because more het clowns never hurt anyone :grin:


She’s really neat, and might help me get closer to my super yeti (superconda snow) goal!


I didn’t see anything too interesting at the show today (at least that I could afford :rofl:)

But we did bring Pixel home! She’s got a bit of stuck shed on her face (the breeder did try to remedy it but it seemed pretty stuck), but I think a soak would help with that.

She’s an itty bitty 62 grams! Eats live hoppers and has to have a hide so she’ll eat, shy little gal when it comes to food :rofl:


Oh well isn’t she just an adorable little girl! And the name suits her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I used to have an Ivory like that! Would pop her head out, grab the rat and disappear again :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile: