Color and Trait ID?

I have a new baby crested gecko that is 1-3 months old and I’m having trouble pinning down his/her color.whether it’s red,yellow,chocolate,olive I don’t know!Or is it too young to tell yet? Also is it a Brindle or a Tiger Dalmatian/Super Dalmatian? Here are fired up pics of it and it’s Dad.

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It’s sometimes hard to tell when they’re still small, but he looks like he’s probably gonna be a yellow like dad, he could end up more orangey though - considering his dark lines are pretty vertical i’d say he’s a tiger, the lines on a brindle will typically be more broken and horizontally oriented

Dalmatian typically get lighter with age, it will likely grow like dad’s and become super dal but for now I’d say yellow Dalmatian. Too light for orange.

As for tiger, one side looks Tiger, but the other looks brindle. I’ve not seen that before :woman_shrugging:

Maybe some natural light pics might help?

I’ll try to get those natural pics,but it is going to rain in a few hours so the lighting might not be good.

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