Colubrid Brumation Humidity

Should high humidity be a concern while brumating MBK’s and Western rat snakes? I normally keep them 20-60% with a humid hide in their vivs. I’ll be providing a small water bowl or at least misting if they dump them over but I’m concerned about URI’s. Is there an optimal brumation humidity I should be aiming for? Thanks!

For my Baird’s rats I don’t brumate them with a humid hide just a smaller than normal water bowl so they have access to water throughout cooling. I’m in the southeast so humidity is rarely an issue during any season but personally I’d aim for less humidity during cooling which most NA colubrids would experience drier climates during the cold months anyway.


Sorry, I realize I didn’t clarify that too well. The cooler they will be in has aeration and I won’t be providing a humid hide. I set up a mock brumation tub in the cooler so I can make adjustments before they go down. Currently the humidity reads 85%! Maybe I need a mini dehumidifier or a smaller water bowl. I have about 90% dry reptichip and 10% sphagnum moss/leaf litter so maybe I’ll switch that up too.

Mine either go in the tub they’re already in from the rack or they go into a different tub and are kept on aspen with the small water bowl mentioned before.