Colubrid Hatchling Rack

Anyone know of a good rack for corn snake hatchlings? I have a small rack right now but two of the babies figured out how to get out so I need an upgrade asap.


Calling all experts @solarserpents @noodlehaus @caryl !!!

Escaping corns! Need help yesterday!!! :pray::pray:


If you need a temporary place to keep them, you can just pick up some ziploc food storage containers, burn a few holes, and that should be secure enough. I haven’t ever bought a rack, so can’t really advise on brands. Depending on your style of rack, you might be able to shove some cardboard under the bins to make a tighter seal.


Yea right now I have some carbaord wedged in the space to make a tighter fit. It’s only the middle bun somehow that has a gap but I don’t like the cardboard so I’m looking for a more permanent solution lol


What rack do you have currently? I know reptile basics makes some good, affordable racks


Sorry, I don’t have personal experience with racks. Baby corns are tiny, it takes almost no space at all for them to be able to get out. I keep mine in food storage containers through their first few feedings, then in locking Sterlites through their first year or so. I know there are racks which keep baby colubrids snug. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Good luck finding a solution, and finding your escapees.