Colubrid weight to rack tub size

Curious what size tubs y’all keep them in from hatchling to adult and the typical progression with age/size.


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There are quite a few different kinds of colubrids out there. What species are you referring to specifically?

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I didn’t even think about that :rofl:

King snakes and corn snakes.

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While I don’t often weigh my kingsnakes except as babies and adults (with some other exceptions), I have found the VE racks to do a pretty good job at allowing for progression as they grow. Babies have done fairly well in the VE 8 quart tub for me. Juveniles in their 11 quart. And adults in their 28 quart or 45 quart tub for larger individuals. Always worth making sure there’s not a gap big enough for an escapee when assembling the rack too; it doesn’t take much for those colubrid babies!

  • neonates are getting 96 oz tubs from dollar tree. This is something new I’ve been doing the last 2 or 3 weeks with fresh hatchlings and LOVE it. (Simple Budget Hatchling Housing - YouTube)

  • if they’re holdbacks then they go into a standard 6 qt shoe box

  • once they hit that yearling(ish) size then a v35

  • once they’ve hit adult sizes then a 32 qt or so tub, maybe a v70 for the ones that get a little more size on them than the norm. My baird’s rats get a little bigger than my adult corns so I offer my full grown gang the v70s.