Combo Suggestions with GHI Pastave Ghost

Looking for interesting combinations to pair with a GHI Pastave Ghost and would appreciate any suggestions. I’m thinking one gene in the BEL complex, a dark morph gene for some interesting mixes, and het hypo for turning out 50/50 ghosts. So something like a black head bamboo het hypo or a Lesser Black Pastel het hypo.

However, I’m definitely open to suggestions or alternative ideas. Thoughts? Recommendations?


Obviously the only downside to adding another BEL complex gene is that you might end up with a BEL and not really sure on if it’s ghost or not without a shed test or breeding. I have that issue right now with one I need to test. XD;

Interestingly enough, fire can look great on a GHI mojave hypo.
I do have a lesser blk pastel myself so I’d be biased towards that. lol

otherwise it’s really about looking for what you want to see.


Welcome aboard @medicaltiger! I can’t help you with morph combos but there are lots of good people here who can! :blush:


I would personally do something with enchi, leopard, and or pinstripe. All three go amazingly with mojave combos!