Combos that are trickier to id yb

So what’s the thing to look for to id yb in hard combos like crystal, potion, silver streak? I would like some advice I have some hatchlings that could have yb in it and the normal markings I look for I’m not seeing. Thanks

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Have you posted the photos up for help… sometimes it’s easier to see then explain. But, on those that don’t have the tell tail pixelation because of the combo it’s in it tends to lift the patter pretty significantly.

These three all have yb.


I have 4 crystals and I think 2 have yb and I have some silver streak stuff hatching that could have yb as well

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All out this morning



Have they shed?

Nope and I know it’s sometimes easier after they shed

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I would love to see them shed and photos taken like this! Hopefully that will help id them easier.

I definitely see yb in some of them!


The only ones unsure in this clutch is the pewter stuff and in my crystals in another clutch


Once they shed post them and the pairing please. I’ll be happy to give my opinion

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