Coming to the end

This guy is dying now, only 1 1/2 years old. Best animal I’ve ever had. Its breaking my heart… 400 dollars at the vet and they have zero idea about what to do.


Have you gone to a reptile specialist or just normal exotic vet? What exactly has been going on with him?


I brought him to a place here in Maine , the only place that would accept a payment plan.

He started with a gimp front leg which progressed until his current state. Only thing the vet found was an effusion. , gave me heart meds and antibiotics. Zero help.

Could be MBD - have you got the correct lighting for him - right basking temps and uva/uvb lighting? you also need to use nutrobal suppliment dusted on food. Another idea might be that if its wild caught might have serious parasite load - you need to get a specialist vet and fast. go back to the shop and get the animals history.
did the leg you mention tremble at all because that is a sign of a D3 deficiency.
look up specialist vets in your area is the best I can suggest and do it really really quick.
Any froth from nostrils or noise in his chest when he breathes? could be resp infection.
do you know how old he is? captive or wild caught?

i cant really think of anything else but the fact you mentioned a funny leg makes me think MBD might be an option - i think vets can give a calcium injection and if that perks him up, then its probably that.

good luck, a beautiful looking animal


I’m so sorry, it is so very painful to feel helpless while losing a beloved companion.

Thats what I initially thought even though he has full spectrum light and d3 powder. I figured one those wasnt working properly. All his blood work was perfect though. Vet has no ideas what’s wrong.

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How is he currently?

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